Proud to share Viasat's holiday card, it was an amazing experience animating and editing it, and a true collaboration from start to finish. When we began concepting the team felt that it had to be grounded and reflect a positive message. The tactile nature of the style helped convey a message of hope without downplaying the hardships many people around the world are experiencing.
Creative Director - Clay Black
Art Director - Justin Patrick
Project Management- Kristen Heard
Creative Strategy - Azfar Najmi
Copywriting - Debbie Anderson
Design - Abbie Goetting
Animation & Editing - Alberto Lopez
Initial style frames helped gauge light adjustments based on camera angle.  The lights had to be tweaked for individual shots so that the paper texture wouldn't be blown out.
This project would not have been as cool with out Abbie Goetting's designs.  Very thankful to have partnered with her on this project.

The daunting task of distilling what was in the brief with few words was beautifully executed by Debbie Anderson.

Initial test renders for a paper cut out style that would carry over the grounded homemade feel from Azfar's concept.
During the initial concepting phase the team gravitated towards a pitch board Azfar Naimi laid out.  It had a homemade tactile feel that grounded the messaging.  Due to time constraints we did not proceed with the stop motion animation.

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