Y-Conference no.21 Video Intro
Y21 is AIGA San Diego’s premiere design conference. This year features 20 inspiring Thinkshops and hands-on Workshops, 2 fabulous parties and 10 legendary speakers from all over the country! The Y21 speaker lineup includes a diverse sample of top creatives.
With Spirit”, reminiscent of coming of age in the Y's 21st year. With a world of information at your fingertips, you are challenged to extract quality from quantity and DISTILL that information into a clear vision. Y21—you won't get a more spirited and personal view on design anywhere else!
Illustration Approach
When ever creating a title sequence for an event one of the biggest challenges is the speaker photography.  The style, quality, and resolution always varies making it difficult to make cohesive in a title sequence that has a specific brand style.  I've been using Adobe Illustrator Draw recently and thought using the brand color palette to create speaker illustrations  would be a good solution.
Audio Mix
After the pre-comped edits are rendered I sent the music track to Adobe Audition to Remix to edit.  This saved my life during production as the speaker roster shifted and new sponsors were added.
Dream and Bass by Pranavibes

Communications Team Brand and Image Development
(Crossover to Print/Digital/Social)
Rick Burrit
Alexis Campanis
Alana Hawkins
Jeff St. John
Karen Morrison
Angelo Outlaw
Bradford Prairie
Adam Prince
Trisha Swindell
Candice Warner 

Rachel McCarthy-Moya
Karen Morrison
Nick Nacca
Nick Nacca

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