Event video for Viasat's booth at Black Hat 2023.  It's set up to introduce Viasat into the Cybersecurity space.  The client wanted something that felt cinematic while also appealing to the audience attending the event.  I tried my best to channel cyberpunk through a corporate lens.  Luckily using Midjourney as a concepting tool helped narrow the visual scope in order to start building assets.  It was a fun challenge executing this video.
Special shout out to the design team for looping the video team into the ideation process. It was essential to keeping the consistency across collateral.  It was also great having Kelly Mcclenahan as a sounding board, her feedback helped reign me in the right direction.
Also, this project would not have been possible with out our producer Kaitlyn Clark.  She was instrumental with communicating with the business unit, copy writers, and legal.  So much rested on her shoulders, Kaitlyn helped keep all the plates spinning.
Associate Creative Director- Justin Patrick
Art Director- Tara Stone
Marketing Point of Contact: Erika Sosa
Copy: Jamieson Mackie & Ryan Molton
3D Motion Design / Editing: Alberto Lopez
Copy Layout: Kelly Mcclenahan
Producer: Kaitlyn Clark
Ai generated ideas to establish a look and feel to present to our stakeholders.  We were under a time crunch, using Midjourney helped accommodate idea generation.
Embrace Ai as Your Ally, Collaborate with It.  By harnessing prompts derived from the script, aesthetic aspirations, and brainstormed concepts, I efficiently formulated a comprehensive mood board. This dynamic tool allowed me to present clients with an immediate visual essence, expediting stakeholder approval of the desired look and feel. Our Ai partnership fostered team cohesion, culminating in a unanimous vision for the project's aesthetic. Ai can helped bridge the gap between team members visions.
We skipped the story boarding process and directly dove into the animatic phase.  This was to allow the designers time to create a campaign for Viasat's Cybersecurity services, while also allowing for Motion to block out the video.  Once the look and feel for the campaign was locked in, I used the Ai images as reference to tailor the animation to the larger brand campaign.  The design team had a giant Miro board with all the references that were collected, as well as work in progress campaign art.  The Miro board allowed me to see what the larger picture was, giving me guardrails on how far to push the design.
Stills from finished project.
As you can see how divergent the finished product is compared to the Ai art in the previous post. Because the event was at Black Hat, I wanted to inject a bit of cyberpunk, while also staying within the bounds of the Viasat Brand. The evolution of the look and feel for this video came about by having conversations with the design team, while also working with them in parallel using a Miro board. The board became a design bible that I could quickly reference whenever there was a design problem that needed to be solved.

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