Reel showcasing animations for SANDAG's "Get on your way campaign" ad. I was contracted to design, animate, and edit the video. The animation showcases the San Diego i15 carpool lane, demonstrating how the lanes shift to accommodate traffic. It was a great opportunity to refresh my 3D skills, re-learned a lot on this project.
Production Company - Rowlbertos Media
Producer/Copywriter - Preston Roeschlein
Animation & Design - Alberto Lopez
Customer- SANDAG

Initial sketch work helped with figuring out camera placement and set layout.  This process also helped with designing the tone and feel of the animation.   Below are some initial asset and set builds.  There was a lot of technical work along with design that had to be done in tandem with one another.  The process began with blocking out shots with simplified assets, detail was added through out the process.

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