Title Sequence for Feisty Fuego presents PeculiariTEASE, a burlesque and variety show dedicated to the silly, the odd, and the macabre. Scheduled Performances by Vivvi The Force (San Diego Drag Artist), Greta Garter (Burlesque Performer), Holly Quinn (Bendy Burlesque Artist), J. StarLitWriter (Spoken Word), Carly Cointreaux (Burlesque Performer), Moxxi Bustion (Burlesque Performer), Feisty Fuego (Femcee & Stand-Up Comedy), Stagehand & Kitten Lexi La Vicious.
Midjourney was used to implement this title sequence.  I was able to generate the picture frames, and the wall backgrounds.
Unused animation that didn't fit the overall narrative of the piece.  The Eyectopuse was a live stage prop that was at the event.  Unfortunately it didn't blend with the overall piece and was cut from the sequence.
Used Cinema 4D to project textures on to geometry.

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