Betfair Animated Ad

This was a project I entered through  It was for a website titled, they do online betting.  There was not enough time to do previsualization, instead I sketched out  key frames that would show the camera angles and the narrative beats I wanted in the ad.  These were done very stream of conscience, just to put on paper so that the  fluidity of the idea would not be lost once I started modeling and animating in 3D.

I only had 2 weeks to complete this project, my models had to be built low poly, with no smoothing to the geometry.  I was inspired by a lot of Art Deco during the building of these pieces.

At the time of animating I did not know how to rig.  I imported a horse run cycle into Maya and animated the vertices to match the key frames in the cycle.  Once the animation was baked in I duplicated each horse along with animation, offsetting the key frames so they would not run at the same time.


 I started laying out the camera work, having previous experience in live action cinematography.  I positioned the cameras in key areas to capture the movement of the race.  This  maintained the fluidity of the thumbnail sketches and the spontaneity to capture a sense of suspense.

I cut together a rough play blast of the race.  Once the play blast was established, I rendered and composited the shots together in After Effects.  I added a paper texture to the whole video to give it an illustrative feel.

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