2nd revision of the tree animation, I incorporated more brush screen recordings to create the tree.
1st Animation iiteration of the tree.
Still from Animation
Sketched out tree, thought  combining it with a torch would be a cool idea for the theme.
I wanted to create a detailed tree in a short amount of time, so I sketched out pieces of the tree so that I could creat custom brushes to draw it out in Adobe Sketch.
I imported the handrawn sketches into Adobe Photoshop Fix and croped them.
I desaturated and increased the contrast on the textures.
This allowed me to mask out and isolate the different textures to import into Adobe Brush.
Brushes I created based on my sketches.
I found an image of a torch online, and drew the various parts of the tree over the torch to keep the silougete intact.
I then screen recorded water color brush strokes to use as mask to reveal the differnt parts of the tree.
I comped all the various pieces in After Effects to animate the tree in.
I used Particular to create leaf  embers to add to the torch effect.

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