Concept/Storyboard/3D Modeling/Animation/Editing
This is a commercial I made for a video contest, unfortunately the jurors were looking for live action.  Fortunately I got a great portfolio piece out of it.
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VAVI Animated logo
3D modeling/Animation/Compositing/
Reebok Intro
Design/3D animation/Compositing
Reebok animation I did for fun, trying to experiment with different animation techniques.
Kahlua Animation
Layout/Motion Graphics
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Copy Editor/Storyboard & Layout/Sound Recording/ Motion Graphics/Editing
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Analytics Dashboard for Property & Casualty Conference
Camera Layout/Animation/VFX Compositing

 The vetcor asset was designed by Kaitlin Vavieros.
Mitchell Prototype Content
Design/3D Globe/Animation
Direction that didn't fit the overall brand, had to scrap concept.
Analytics Dashboard for Property & Casualty Conference
Camera Layout/VFX Compositing
I had to redo the camera work and animation in this particular shot.  The vetcor asset was designed by Kaitlin Vavieros.
Mitchell Platform for P&C Video
Storyboard/Videography/3D Modeling & Animation/Compositing/Editing
This particular shot used animated assets that were animated & designed by Kaitlin Vavieros.
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DevCon intro
Particle Effects/Design/Camera/Animation
This is an iteration of a shot I worked on for an internal conference at Mitchell.
PMR Motion Graphic
Copy Editor/Concept/Storyboard/Animation
Due to sensitive screenshots I cannot add a link to the video.
NHQ Overview video
Video Editing/Audio Recording/Layout/Motion Tracking/Compositing
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A filmmaker friend of mine wanted a series of video loops he could use for his videos.   Looking back on it, now it looks like a Target fall sale add.  This was a fun project that allowed me to experiment with particles.
Death Never Sleeps Coffee
Concept/Storyboard/Character Designs/Animation/Compositing/Editing
This is a character and story I came up with when I was in the Navy.  I decided to animate for fun.
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ICD - 10 intro graphic
This was a style of design I tried introducing into my company last year.  It didn't match the brand so the design was scrapped.
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