Identity / Siemens – Your Earth, Your Dream, Your Action

As a whole, we do not hear enough about global initiatives seeing people as a natural resource. This video focuses on changing perspectives many have about themselves and empowering them to act.

A negative environment can be detrimental to the collective energy of its citizens.   People become disenfranchised, hindering community participation.

My vision was to bring to light what makes a community special through both branding and architecture. What is used to make these communities special can be implemented not just locally, but globally as well.


Alberto Lopez

Assistant Camera/Sound

Torin Storm Duvall

Music by
Kevin Macleod

Droid Turn around and Baby conditioning Pod concept art.

This is the concept of what the baby undergoes after the fetus stage. In the film there’s a shot where the eyes are gouged out and a red optical device is installed into the baby’s head.  The bottom turn around is a rough concept of what the baby eventually becomes after it’s prepped.  I’m going for a techno organic feel for the droid, some parts will be straight on mechanical, others will transition into a techno organic texture.

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Project Descrip…

Project Description

As technology advances further, people are becoming entrenched in social media, video games, television and film.  The millennial work force has to take etiquette lessons.  There’s nations whose birth rates are dropping because contact through a social network is more familiar then physical.

There’s also the mechanization of our food industry.  Milk from Cows whose diets consist of grain cannot sustain baby Calves.  More genetically modified foods are popping into the market.

We as a species are going through a period of transition.  People have to decide where the line between nature and technology is to be drawn.  I want to make a film

Through the use of Maya, and Mudbox, I would like to make a short experimental film exploring the themes described above.  This film will be a satire about how humanity is becoming a commodity.

Conceptual Art

This project was conceived from an ink drawing I made while stationed on the USS Nimitz.  At the time I felt claustrophobic, most of my time was spent in the armory or in my coffin rack.   It also felt like eyes were on me at all times, the Navy is about perception and if it looks like your not doing your job a person can attract a lot of attention.

I enjoyed my time in the Navy, it’s given me a lot of opportunities.  But the more distance I get from it, the more I realize how much of a commodity servicemen are.   The government has made a financial investment in a person, to the point that a dollar amount can be assigned to a life.

Now the more I learn about the commercial & Entertainment industry, it’s made me realize we are all a commodities.  Viewer ship can be translated into dollar signs depending on what demographic a person can fall in.  So this new  interpretation has influenced the art piece that has helped shape a narrative to my short film.

Betfair Animated Commercial for Zooppa

This is a Commercial I animated for a competition at I was presented with many challenges in the making of the video.

First challenge was finding time to make it. I was working full time and attending art school. So I double purposed the commercial for my camera techniques class.

The second was modeling a horse, there wasn’t enough time to make a realistic horse, so I went in a stylized direction.

The third challenge was animating the horse. I didn’t have time to learn how to rig, so each pose was keyed, which gave the animation a claymation feel.

Overall I’m happy with the editing and camera angles of the piece. What I’m not happy with is the style of the video. It doesn’t match the brand of the company.

Overall what I learned from making the video was to spend more time on conception before executing my next project.

Music by

Kevin Macleod