Identity / Siemens – Your Earth, Your Dream, Your Action

As a whole, we do not hear enough about global initiatives seeing people as a natural resource. This video focuses on changing perspectives many have about themselves and empowering them to act.

A negative environment can be detrimental to the collective energy of its citizens.   People become disenfranchised, hindering community participation.

My vision was to bring to light what makes a community special through both branding and architecture. What is used to make these communities special can be implemented not just locally, but globally as well.


Alberto Lopez

Assistant Camera/Sound

Torin Storm Duvall

Music by
Kevin Macleod

Droid Turn around and Baby conditioning Pod concept art.

This is the concept of what the baby undergoes after the fetus stage. In the film there’s a shot where the eyes are gouged out and a red optical device is installed into the baby’s head.  The bottom turn around is a rough concept of what the baby eventually becomes after it’s prepped.  I’m going for a techno organic feel for the droid, some parts will be straight on mechanical, others will transition into a techno organic texture.

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